Ordinary Beauty


I found a very profound statement in one of my daily meditations today. It came to mind as I was walking past a landscaped garden area today. I glanced at the plants that were cut back for winter and at the stones that surrounded the plantings.  It took a few minutes to examine the many rocks that were there.   Although they did not bear the smoothness and roundness of Lake Superior’s shoreline stones each rock had its own story and many different planes of beauty to look at. These very stones make up the photo that I took. Remember to look for the ordinary beauty around you everyday.  It is everywhere!

The Creative Bridge


Recently, I read an article that stated that the occasional use of the non-dominant hand triggers growth in the brain that stimulates creativity.  See this article at http:/www.nwitimes.com Wow!  Who knew! 

Because of an injury I have adapted to using my left hand for most things.  I have also been whining about it.  But! Continued use of my non- dominant hand has brought about an acceptance of my “imperfect, not-that-good” art. 

That attitude also lead to this piece of different images that somehow (thank you creative spirits!) came together as my October 20 gratitude creation.  The falling leaves are inspiring to me, I was thinking about marker trees and then I thought about something that I had learned from Terry Daulton.

All of this inspired a new project that is currently in the planning process.

Amazing!  The studies must be right!  Give it a try and see what happens!


After a busy September, I have found myself challenged to create on a daily basis.  September art included a solo show of my work, four entries for “All Things Birds” and three entries for “The Gathering”.  I was fired up by the challenge to get everything done. 

Then I kept waiting for my dominant hand to heal from a torn thumb ligament.  My mood darkened as the daylight did.

This all changed when my sister-in-law was telling me how her art was changing by doing a daily art – even if it was just prepping surfaces.  I had this a-ha moment and suddenly I was no longer overwhelmed and frustrated.  I had this great journal that my honey had bought for me that was waiting to be filled.  I decided that I would just work with my left hand and the images that I would create would be ” good enough”.  Much to my surprise, I noticed that some things got better, some were easier and I was really  enjoying the challenge.

The slowed process of using my non-dominant hand is giving me time to “look” more than I would otherwise.  Today I am grateful for revelations!

My October Solo Show


I was honored to be selected as the October  featured artist at the Boulder Junction, Wisconsin Library for the month of October.  The show will open on October 1st. There will be an artist reception from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. The show is available for viewing during regular library hours through the month.  Check out the Boulder Junction Library website for their current hours.

The images that I have selected for this viewing offer forth a plethora of works that are a culmination of gelatin, fingers, breath, spray paint, acrylic paints and much more.  They are a final result of the challenge that began with an observation, grew through inspiration and came to be what you see before you.  Enjoy!

Dried Out Brushes?

Don’t despair!  There is an easy way to remove the dried paint.  Yesterday I painted primer on 6 outdoor chairs.  The brush took a beating as I applied paint to the sides of the closely spaced wood slats and paint built up as the outer bristles dried in the September sun.  Thanks to Artist Bob Burridge (http://www.robertburridge.com) I didn’t have to worry about the condition of the brushes.  I put a generous amount of Murphy’s Oil Soap in a cup with some warm water.  I soaked the brushes overnight and voilà!  After a light rinsing and a “brush-out” to remove the loosened paint the brushes are as good as new!  (At least the bristles are! 😉


September Sun Sends Creative Love

The September sun is a warm caress, it feels gentle and soothing.  It imparts a sense of well-being and opens the door to the rich energy of the surrounding nature.  The trees whisper as they dance luxuriantly in the sensuous flow of air that is round and about.  The garden plants lie heavily laden with the globes and pods that they feed to fruition.  The drone of mosquitoes has vapourized and the soft sound of bird calls reminds us to accept the glorious song of the universe.  Scampering amongst the leaves forewarns of the waning time in which to prepare for the darkening, sleeping season, acorns are cached with hopes of finding them when hunger later rumbles.  I revel in this time as I reflect on the rich summer of creativity that I was blessed with.

I was blessed to study under many talented artists this past summer.  Making art while building friendships, enriching relationships and creating new works in styles that may find their way in whispers of my work was rich beyond measure.  Here is a teaser of the work:

Monthly classes, in various mediums, are offered by the Manito Art League from May - October.

Monthly classes, in various mediums, are offered by the Manito Art League from May – October.

Working under the tutelage of Tonja Sell (http://www.doartworx.com), Joan Slack (www.riverrunarts.com), Barbara McFarland (http://www.barbaramcfarland.com), Ginny Stiles (http://ginnystiles.blogspot.com/), Terry Daulton (https://penokeearts.wordpress.com/who-we-are/terry-daulton/), Karen Kappell, FSPA (http://www.marywoodsc.org/) and artist Kathleen Kvern inspired and assisted me in taking my art in to new directions by exposing me to a plethora of mediums and techniques.  I am indebted to these wonderful artists for sharing their talents with me!

Click here to enjoy an album of selected works from my Summer of Art 2015:


Gifts From The Earth Make Natural Gifts

These super, lightweight earrings were created using natural porcupine quills and birchbark

These super, lightweight earrings were created using natural porcupine quills and birch bark

I love to gather materials and inspiration from the world around me and mother earth surrounds me.  I, along with my supportive (yea, art supporters!!) partner live in a beautiful area in northern Wisconsin.  The forest is a bountiful supply store.  My “waste not, want not” philosophy lead me to create these earrings.  The larger pieces of bark are used to make vessels and woven baskets, the smaller pieces are used to create embroidered greeting cards, the even smaller pieces are used for earrings and pendants (see photo) and the remainder is used to start fires.  The materials I use give their energy through warmth.  I am warmed by the activity of gathering, the fires of creativity using the materials and then by the fire created by the materials.

Manito Art League Promotes Classes

From May through October, the Manito Art League promotes education in the arts by offering a series of art workshops to its members and to the public.  I was honored to teach a class in May for the art league and greatly enjoyed taking a class from Tonja Sell (check out her work here:  www.doartworx.com) in June. The Manito Art League’s website is available here:  http://manitoartleague.weebly.com/  Enjoy the following!

Workshops for 2015
The Manito Art League offers monthly workshops from May through October. They are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. (Free to Members and $10 for non-members.)  They include programs offered by members and guest artists and cover a wide variety of interests.  Workshops are held the first Wednesday of the month (with the exception of May) at the Manitowish Waters Community Center on Hwy 51 at 10:30 AM – 2:30 PM (Bring a lunch if you want!) Required Preregistration may be made by calling Barbara McFarland at 715-543-2975.

July 1 – Joan Molloy Slack, “Painting with Fiber”
August 5 – Terry Daulton, ” Pastels on Location”
September 5 – Ginny Stiles, “Zentangle 102” (Zentangle 101 required)
October 7 – Carol Bohn, “Yoga-Zen-Drawing”

Squares for Scholarships Opened Today

PictureSquares for Scholarship News Flash – thank you to all who attended the opening reception for the Manito Art League’s 50th Anniversary kick-off today!  You may still see the show at the Vilas County Incubator through July 31 during regular business hours.  More than two-thirds of the 28 original artworks sold today – hurry in before they are gone!!  This mixed media piece is the work of Ginny Stiles who also teaches Zentangle and Gelli Plate classes in the Lakeland area.

Manito Art League Scholarship Benefit


Come on, come all!  The Manito Art League is holding an artist reception on June 7 from 4 – 6 at the Vilas Incubator  on Hwy 51 in Manitowish Waters – you can meet the artists and support the Leagues scholarship fund when you purchase a “Squares for Scholarships”.  The 12 X 12″ paintings are original artworks that the artists created for this benefit.  We look forward to seeing you there!