I want to thank everyone who has supported my art in the last year by supporting me, being encouraging, sharing complements and purchasing my work in 2019! Last minute shopping is available available! Contact me for last minute gifts!

Celebrating the The Moon Light

A long time ago I used to create new moon and full moon jewelry.. The jewelry was to celebrate the money light. I have come back to create a lasting legacy of each moon phase. Each piece is truly unique. The October 27, 2019 piece celebrates the 300th day of 2019. Today signifies our ability and victories over our own personal enemy. The enemy may be anything that you may be challenged with. It may be material, spiritual or emotional. You will know when you lay your eyes on this necklace and your heart opens up. Each piece includes significant stones, gems, colors and symbols to guide and assist the owner of the piece. Reservations can be made for future Moon Phase dates.

Visit Our Home Show

Many new creations are coming about as I prepare for a home show on November 9th. I am one of the featured artists and will be offering my birch bark creations and many more earth-inspired art! Phyllis Schuit wiil be sellling her stitching paintings and muliple fiber wearables, Denise Lobb’s fiber creations will be available and Pat Garske will be featuring whimsical bags and wearables.

So mark your calendars for November 9 and I look forward to seeing you from 9am – 4 pm at 7164 Clawson Drive in Hazelhurst, WI.

Creative Week

This little chickadee porcupine quill and birch bark box will be available this weekend, along with the encaustic work of Susan Barakat and a one time selection of eearrings handcrafted by Edith Barakat. We look forward to seeing you on Friday, Saturday or Sunday from 10 – 5!

Northwoods Art Tour

The Northwoods Art Tour offers visitors an inside view of artist’s processes and creating art. The Tour makes it’s way through the beautiful Northwoods of Wisconsin where Mother Nature has been “painting” our forests with vivid autumn colors. My studio will be open from 10 – 5 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Stop by and be enchanted!