About Me

Me_2016I am a northern Wisconsinite and an artist that savors a quiet life and is inspired by the forests that I am immersed in. I believe that creating, viewing and sharing art enriches the souls of all who experience it, that the arts are an essential component of humanity’s history, that everyone shares an important rolke in the perpetuation of the arts’ history and that the arts create a cohesive community with exponential benefits.For many years I was known as a master artist in the field of natural materials basketry. I gathered tree roots from construction sites, harvested birch bark from dead trees and from those slated for harvest, picked up road kill porcupine for their quills, harvested pine needles from managed plantations and created unique, one of a kind baskets that are found in public and private collections world-wide. I teach community art education and private classes for more than 25 years and share my love of art and nature with thousands of students throughout the years.My love of teaching and the joy that I find in creating lead me to found a non-profit community arts program in 2009. The program was designed to soften the line between fine arts and craft and allowed everyone that created to be an artist. The program featured classes, art support groups, music jams, a gallery and community outreach. The program served countless souls before life shifted and we closed its doors in 2013.My art has changed direction and I have become and continue to grow as an eclectic artist. I have found inspiration and support through past and present students, art show opportunities, my involvement in our local art scene and the many talented artists that I am proud to have in my life as family and friends. I am enjoying this creative journey that combines my past art, a waste not-want not life and a love of the natural world around me. Share this journey with me as my art has continues growing and branching out in many directions.