September Sun Sends Creative Love

The September sun is a warm caress, it feels gentle and soothing.  It imparts a sense of well-being and opens the door to the rich energy of the surrounding nature.  The trees whisper as they dance luxuriantly in the sensuous flow of air that is round and about.  The garden plants lie heavily laden with the globes and pods that they feed to fruition.  The drone of mosquitoes has vapourized and the soft sound of bird calls reminds us to accept the glorious song of the universe.  Scampering amongst the leaves forewarns of the waning time in which to prepare for the darkening, sleeping season, acorns are cached with hopes of finding them when hunger later rumbles.  I revel in this time as I reflect on the rich summer of creativity that I was blessed with.

I was blessed to study under many talented artists this past summer.  Making art while building friendships, enriching relationships and creating new works in styles that may find their way in whispers of my work was rich beyond measure.  Here is a teaser of the work:

Monthly classes, in various mediums, are offered by the Manito Art League from May - October.

Monthly classes, in various mediums, are offered by the Manito Art League from May – October.

Working under the tutelage of Tonja Sell (, Joan Slack (, Barbara McFarland (, Ginny Stiles (, Terry Daulton (, Karen Kappell, FSPA ( and artist Kathleen Kvern inspired and assisted me in taking my art in to new directions by exposing me to a plethora of mediums and techniques.  I am indebted to these wonderful artists for sharing their talents with me!

Click here to enjoy an album of selected works from my Summer of Art 2015:

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