The Creative Bridge


Recently, I read an article that stated that the occasional use of the non-dominant hand triggers growth in the brain that stimulates creativity.  See this article at http:/ Wow!  Who knew! 

Because of an injury I have adapted to using my left hand for most things.  I have also been whining about it.  But! Continued use of my non- dominant hand has brought about an acceptance of my “imperfect, not-that-good” art. 

That attitude also lead to this piece of different images that somehow (thank you creative spirits!) came together as my October 20 gratitude creation.  The falling leaves are inspiring to me, I was thinking about marker trees and then I thought about something that I had learned from Terry Daulton.

All of this inspired a new project that is currently in the planning process.

Amazing!  The studies must be right!  Give it a try and see what happens!

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