The Color of Light

Lately I have really been aware of the color of light. The color of light touching the edges of trees, the color of light at dusk, the color of light peeking through the leaves of the forest.  The color of light has been evrywhere – it just seems lately to be more pronounced.  Monet was one of the first artists who noticed that light changes how things look and did many studies of objects throughout a day. If you have ever been to the desert and have seen it throughout the day you know how it changes because of the light that hits it.  An especially telling piece of art called “The Calling of St. Matthew” really shows how light can impact a scene.   As many other artist before me, I am continuing to learn how light and color interact. Using a painting method called intuitive painting, wherein you layer cool and warm colors,  I have really learned to see the impact that contrast has.  I’m also beginning to notice it and predict how colors will be impacted by the next layer of color I lay over it.

This painting was one of 32 of a series but I created for solo art show. The show was entitled “The Naked Truth – inside out”. The work was the study of the relation of perception and reality. This is my result of an exploration of opinions and beliefs – how these factors impact or are impacted by societal changes and opinions that impact personal belief systems and personal values and mores. The pictured piece was created using an intuitive painting technique.

The painting that is shown above is called “January Sunset.  It started with a layer of purple, phtalo blue, Persian blue, hookers green and some deep turquoise.. The next layer was a combination of many shades of yellows, different shades of red, magenta, fluorescent pink, fluorescent yellow and lime green. The layering of cool and warm colors continued until the present image emerged. It very well Iillustrates how essential light is when  creating a successful painting. This is something I continue to learn and I often forget some of the rules. I will continue to practice – my mantra should be dark  next to light, light next to dark.  I hope that you are creating In any way shape or form or enjoying art in any way, shape or form!

The Show Must Go On

Tic-tac-toe- three of these paintings have sold!  A huge thank you  goes out to everyone who came to the opening of my art show called “The Naked Truth – Inside Out.” Viewers were struck by the images that I painted using an intuitive painting method. This show includes interactive and introspective elements. The show will be available for viewing through August. The show, held at the Vilas business incubator at 399 Highway 51 in Manitowish Waters will be open August 11 12 and 13, August 18th and 19th and August 25th, 26th and 27th.    The hours are 11 to 5 daily. I am looking forward to seeing you there!


The Naked Truth – Inside Out.


This is 1 of 28 pieces that it will be available for viewing and sale at my solo art show – “The Naked Truth – Inside Out”. The solo show opens at the Vilas County Business Incubator located on Highway 51 and Townline Road in Manitowish Waters on August 7th with a reception from 11 to 2 o clock. The show will be open for further viewing and sales on August 11th,12th and 13th, August 18th and 19th and August 25th, 26th and 27th.

Living the Dream



In the last year I read a book called “My Dream of You”. I can’t exactly remember what the book was about, as I was reading several books around the same time. I have a bad habit of only collecting the information that strikes my heart and soul and the rest of it slips away. The “slips aways” go to a place that is similar to a laundry basket full of mending tasks that I have in my basement.  I’ll notice them sooner or later.

However the important part of this post is “My Dream of You”. That title really grabbed me. It touched my heart, my soul, my psyche. I had meant to use the book’s pages, which are yellowed, to art collage. Somehow, I could not bear to cut up the pages especially the title on the top of each page.  I never knew why it resonated so but it finally came to me this morning as I photographed a pile of art supplies laying on my counter top (that needed to be put away).  The title popped in to my head and with it came a feeling of being enfolded in warmth and love.  At once I was struck with the reality of living a dream.  Thanks to the man in the upper right hand corner of the photograph , my honey Brent McFarland,  I am able to live this dream.  My days are spent in the forest, watching our chickens and feeding them,  spending time with our puppy and creating art.  (I do other things also, like dishes laundry, housework, yard work and things of that ilk but who needs to hear about that, right?) I was given this gift almost a year ago and I have learned about peace through art by studying meditation, art and mindfullness, time spent alone and with others of like mind and creating an art that changes daily. This art is the drug soothes my savage beast.  Whenever I feel unsettled or out of sorts I turn to art to settle me.   Thanks to art, I have no need to worry about side effects, drug interactions and the cost of drugs.

I’ll be seeing you later!  I’m going to toss back a shot of canvas and a chaser of paint!  Cheers!

Commitment to Art


Colored Pencil - inspired by a snippet of song that flitted through my head


Mixed media created at Char's Flying Fish Studio in Ironwood, MI


Three different stages of an intuitive painting


Now we can tell which suitcases are ours!

The Many Faces of My Art

Earlier this year I made a commitment to my art.  I committed to create something daily and to accept that every piece may not be saleable.  I knew that only through constant practice would I grow in my artistic endeavors.  I feel success in some arenas and in others I recognize an opportunity for further growth.  To date, I have not followed this exactly.  I had the best of intentions but I let others things get in the way from time to time.  The days that I don’t create, lack a peace and mindful sense.  It is a lesson for me.

Recently, I was reviewing my notes from the week long art class taught by Bob Burridge (  The setting of the class was Dillmans Creative Art Foundation Art School in Lac du Flambeau, WI.  Keeping in mind the lessons that I learned from Bob, I bravely approached my prepared papers. Each time I enter my studio or approach another surface, I keep in mind some of the lessons that Bob taught us.  He taught us to use his color wheel and I would highly recommend using his!  One lesson is to have an intention for your work, I name the piece and begin painting.   When I use other surfaces such as watercolor paper, boxes, journal covers or whatever I just start painting. Sometimes I use a photo reference and other times things flow into my head, the gift from the creative muses. I have recently began a journey using intuitive painting.  It is composed of several layers of paint beginning with all cool colors or warm colors. Each layer is allowed to dry and then the next layer is applied. This all happens with no intention. You slap paint on the surface with your hands, foam brushes, use stencils,  use whatever you have at hand. It takes a bit of bravery, I was surprised to find.  What a wonderful experience! 

Today I will share with you a variety of work that I have created over the last couple of months. Thank you for viewing this and create on!

Daily Art “From the Other Side” continues

This sure has been a joy to learn how to use my left hand to paint and create art. My goal is to be able to use my right hand again to paint and write by April.  Until then, I will be happy to have two hands. It sure has been a learning experience, but for the most part, I have been able to figure out how to do most things with my left hand. Some things, such as twisting together electrical wires, created quite a challenge but I was able to overcome them. Most people say,  “I could never do that!” but you would be surprised! People have reported similar experiences and one of my artist and one of my artist friends artist friends told me about one of her artist friends. She had a dry spell of creativity. Not to be daunted, she decided to use only her opposite hand, meaning her non-dominant hand, for one whole year. That simple exercise, as challenging as it may seem, may be the secret to unlocking the creative mind once again. Do a Google search. There are many exciting happenings and studies that have shown switching back and forth from your dominant hand to your non-dominant hand can help your brain work better. Who doesn’t need that?? Have a great day!


Art Sale Today!


Purchase locally created art today!  The art is being offered by members of the Manitowish Art League and can be seen at the Vilas Business Incubator on Highway 51 and Townline Rd in Manitowish Waters.  For more information contact Barbara McFarland at 715-543-2975.