Commitment to Art


Colored Pencil - inspired by a snippet of song that flitted through my head


Mixed media created at Char's Flying Fish Studio in Ironwood, MI


Three different stages of an intuitive painting


Now we can tell which suitcases are ours!

The Many Faces of My Art

Earlier this year I made a commitment to my art.  I committed to create something daily and to accept that every piece may not be saleable.  I knew that only through constant practice would I grow in my artistic endeavors.  I feel success in some arenas and in others I recognize an opportunity for further growth.  To date, I have not followed this exactly.  I had the best of intentions but I let others things get in the way from time to time.  The days that I don’t create, lack a peace and mindful sense.  It is a lesson for me.

Recently, I was reviewing my notes from the week long art class taught by Bob Burridge (  The setting of the class was Dillmans Creative Art Foundation Art School in Lac du Flambeau, WI.  Keeping in mind the lessons that I learned from Bob, I bravely approached my prepared papers. Each time I enter my studio or approach another surface, I keep in mind some of the lessons that Bob taught us.  He taught us to use his color wheel and I would highly recommend using his!  One lesson is to have an intention for your work, I name the piece and begin painting.   When I use other surfaces such as watercolor paper, boxes, journal covers or whatever I just start painting. Sometimes I use a photo reference and other times things flow into my head, the gift from the creative muses. I have recently began a journey using intuitive painting.  It is composed of several layers of paint beginning with all cool colors or warm colors. Each layer is allowed to dry and then the next layer is applied. This all happens with no intention. You slap paint on the surface with your hands, foam brushes, use stencils,  use whatever you have at hand. It takes a bit of bravery, I was surprised to find.  What a wonderful experience! 

Today I will share with you a variety of work that I have created over the last couple of months. Thank you for viewing this and create on!

2 thoughts on “Commitment to Art

  1. Frances, I love that you’re doing this! I’ve started a blog on WordPress to commit to my art too! Can I use you as an example some tiime?


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