A Series

a bug's viewMy “favorist” sister-in-love recently commented on the art series that I have been working on.  I initially thought that odd until I processed it a bit more.  The series that I was working on were for an art show.  While searching for a particular image, for a painting that I had pre-titled “He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not”, I found several other images that would challenge me in my current painting method.  As a result of that accidental find I painted a “series” of macro flowers.  It reminded me that I had painted several piles of rocks that I found from the shores of Lake Superior all the way to Northern Maine and that those paintings would be considered to be a series.  I must simply conclude that, much to my surprise, my art truly resembles my life.  My life has been a series of series, relationships, the colors that I wear, my interests . . . Some people recall events in relatiohsnhip to timeI am looking forward to the next series

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