The CrEatIve JOurNey – Post #1

Ahh, I am now working on creating a bridge, a path, a relationship with my past art and the work that I am creating today.

first poppies

I had abandoned my past art work as my life changed.  I had made a geographical change, the main gallery in which I sold my work had closed, I was engrossed in building a cord wood house (with our own hands and with help from my son and various other friends and family – no general or sub contractors for my daughter and I) and I craved color in my art.  I did not want to introduce artificial colors in to my baskets as I was a bit of a purist about the origin of materials, their natural state and the hand methods with which I created my baskets.

Now I find myself in another pivotal stage in my life and I realize that I have gone 492° – from creating baskets out of pine needles, porcupine quills and tree roots that I had painstakingly harvested by hand to brandishing cans of spray paint while suitably masked, ventilated and clothed.  Let’s see where this goes . . .

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