The Color of Light

Lately I have really been aware of the color of light. The color of light touching the edges of trees, the color of light at dusk, the color of light peeking through the leaves of the forest.  The color of light has been evrywhere – it just seems lately to be more pronounced.  Monet was one of the first artists who noticed that light changes how things look and did many studies of objects throughout a day. If you have ever been to the desert and have seen it throughout the day you know how it changes because of the light that hits it.  An especially telling piece of art called “The Calling of St. Matthew” really shows how light can impact a scene.   As many other artist before me, I am continuing to learn how light and color interact. Using a painting method called intuitive painting, wherein you layer cool and warm colors,  I have really learned to see the impact that contrast has.  I’m also beginning to notice it and predict how colors will be impacted by the next layer of color I lay over it.

This painting was one of 32 of a series but I created for solo art show. The show was entitled “The Naked Truth – inside out”. The work was the study of the relation of perception and reality. This is my result of an exploration of opinions and beliefs – how these factors impact or are impacted by societal changes and opinions that impact personal belief systems and personal values and mores. The pictured piece was created using an intuitive painting technique.

The painting that is shown above is called “January Sunset.  It started with a layer of purple, phtalo blue, Persian blue, hookers green and some deep turquoise.. The next layer was a combination of many shades of yellows, different shades of red, magenta, fluorescent pink, fluorescent yellow and lime green. The layering of cool and warm colors continued until the present image emerged. It very well Iillustrates how essential light is when  creating a successful painting. This is something I continue to learn and I often forget some of the rules. I will continue to practice – my mantra should be dark  next to light, light next to dark.  I hope that you are creating In any way shape or form or enjoying art in any way, shape or form!