To Paint or Recreate

Kicking Back – acrylic on canvas 20″ X 24″ $350

I am learning about accepting creations that are not quite done, did not turn out as I expected and those that need more work.  I am trying to learn creative patience:  it might not be looking right but it might later or I might later see what needs to be done to make the piece better.   At the moment, I am vacillating between creating another painting or reworking the one that I had already done. I realize that I sometimes hang on to a piece for emotional reasons.  Having put this down in writing, I am struck that this realization is completely irrational.s I have learned that as I continue to create, my work improves and I could create an even better rendition of this very same image.  I have often found that writing works similarly:  I frantically write, read it silently, re-read silently again and it sounds fine.  However, when I read the work aloud I am able to note needed corrections and changes.

It is wonderful to be a part of all of these lessons.  My creative journey continues to move, flow and change.  I am delighted to apply all that I am learning.

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